Brandverse handles the entire process of creating, managing and distributing your digital ready product information. We make sure the right content always gets to the right place, in the right format.

Win the shelf race.

Every successful e-commerce journey requires a strong product content strategy that ensures that customers are provided the right product information, content and decision support, at the right time, to complete their purchase online.

The details matter.

Great product content feeds the look, see and feel needs of customers. It is a combination of e-commerce optimised photography, descriptions, features, specifications, how-to instructions, and nutritional information, shipping characteristics and much more - all presented in the language of your customers!

We do the heavy lifting.

From photography, to dimensioning, capturing all on-pack data, to authoring SEO-optimized descriptions, and making sure all of your retailers have the latest content - we take care of it all! All we need from you, is a product sample, and your approval before the content is published.

Save your time, money & effort.

We take the pain out of creating and preparing the ready-to-upload, digital content, for your products in a little more than a few clicks and often less than 12 hours! We use state of the art photography automation and content creation processes to ensure high quality results are delivered to you in a fraction of the cost and time.


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